Thursday, 15 March 2018

Sweet Wild Note - Richard Smyth

Audience Comments

Very interesting event. We are birdwatchers but not very good on birdsong, so we shall listen more carefully this year!

Interesting. The sounds of birds are not so frequently talked about as their appearance. Bird-song is a great joy and I believe that (???) research revealed that it is relaxing and good for the human psyche

Interesting lecture which will improve as the speaker gains experience.

Questions well fielded. Good environment.

A rare exclusive insight into nature’s most loved sounds. A pleasure to meet
the author and have a signed copy. This was my first event and I will come to more.

Very interesting talk on birdsongs which I actually found quite amusing listening to the talk and sounds made from Richard Smyth. Some good points from the audience as well.

Richard’s talk was fascinating – I find that when I put on my hearing aids and go for a walk next to hedges here in Headingley I can hear a riot of birdsong.

Excellent! There should be more, much more, like this.

It was lovely. I really enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it, some good ideas for songs!


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