Tuesday, 16 December 2008

An Domhan eile

And here's another addition:

Using their unique Celtic blend of poetry, music and song Lucht Focail (the award winning Irish writers’ group) explores Irish myth and legend. This will be at The Bowery on the corner of Shaw Lane on the evening of Saturday 21 March. It's in association with Irish History Month 2009. The title An Domhan eile means The Other Earth or The Other World.

Gurning in the library

Latest addition to the LitFest programme - for the morning of Saturday 21 March - are The Blahs. They are based at the West Park Centre in Spen Lane, which is near enough to Headingley. This is what they say about themselves:

We are a group of theatre makers who are on a quest to find stories which resonate and have meaning for us and our audiences. We know that the longer we live with a story the more it can reveal about ourselves and the world. By taking our time to explore stories with our audience we have come to understand how to engage with children and adolescents.

Their show, for five and six year-olds, will be in Headingley library. Title is When the Wind Changed……

Blahs director Pavla Beier sends the following on it:

We will make this story up with the children by tapping into their natural ability and desire to make faces, a skill which is known to professionals like us as GURNING. We will make up the story together step by step or gurn by gurn:

> a face to frighten your own reflection
> a face which is all smiles
> a face which has never been seen in these parts before

But the story really begins when the wind starts to blow, the one that sweeps through the City about this time of year, the one that can stick your face if you happen to be gurning at the time. What happens to our person whose face is stuck? We will make that bit up with the children using participative drama techniques.

Two performances, 10.30 - 11am and 11.30 - 12. Maximum number in each session twenty.

Below, the performers: