Wednesday, 11 April 2018

LCA Open Mic evening at HEART

Event Organised by Leeds Combined Arts

Audience Comments
A very enjoyable variety of recitals humourous and those with a message to ponder over. It was the first time I shared my poem in public.  It was well received and has encouraged me to attempt a few more.

Great. Lovely to hear so many people speak. Thanks to Carol Downing for rearranging things. It's been a good informative evening.

A very good night's entertainment.

Good event. Never been before.

They know how to run a poetry evening, lots of laughter, fun and diversity.

Richly varied content very well executed.

Lively and creative. Carol did an excellent job in hosting.

A very diverse and enjoyable evening!

Good event.

Initially upset the original event was cancelled or postponed, but we decided to give the poetry a go and whilst we didn't perform ourselves we were amazed at how many talented poets there were.

Very stimulating and varied work.

My own event was censored and this was there replacement.

Very good poetry evening. I have been a member of his group for over 10 years and the poetry was as usual very good. I particularly thought June Smith's poems were very funny and I enjoyed John Coopey's Scottish accent take-off on his poetry.

Sorry we couldn't stay for the whole evening, but we enjoyed very much what we did see. Thanks.

Good varied evening though it was a shame the scheduled event was cancelled.

Wide variety of styles in a comfortable setting. Very supportive audience. No airs and graces.

Very good.

Great evening. Will come next time.

Very good, a chance for budding poets to get together.