Wednesday, 24 September 2008


The wines went down well after being expertly tasted at the Bowery, Bassa Bassa was thrilling at the Supporters Club and the sun shone down on the annual al fresco barbecue at the New Headingley Club. Partners were happily taken during the ceilidh and most Headingley restaurants offered set meals for a tenner. Last Sunday came the finale, accompanied by fine weather: hundreds milled about in the Cardigan Triangle (mainly Chapel Lane), sat around eating home-made courgette cakes in an impromptu cafe in a back garden and tramped into each other's houses to look at works of art.

It was Celebrate Headingley - a superb eighth one. And although the Headingley LitFest was not on everyone's lips, because it is next year, in March, it was certainly talked about. "There's a real thirst for that sort of thing," I was told at the barbecue. Below, some of the more musical celebrants:

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