Monday, 30 January 2012

Let's share the LitFest programme

The programme is now well and truly fixed, and the giant Heidelbergs (they're printing machines) will soon be spitting out thousands of printed leaflets and brochures, for the whole lot and for the Ian McMillan event on 16 March.

Plenty of these will be handed to the locals at the Headingley Farmer's Market this Saturday 11 February, but we need you to help by taking wodges of leaflets and putting them in places where they will be appreciated. Ring our contact number now to offer help - 07789976854 - or email

If you haven't done so already, look at the programme's online version at

Becky Cherriman's preliminary event Love's Lingo, which takes place in the HEART café on Friday evening 10 February at 8pm, has now been blessed with the presence of terrific singer Maggie 8. You can hear her at 

You can also see and hear Becky on YouTube - just type her name in.


  1. What an absolutely fabulous programme- reading it cheered up a very very cold day! The organisers should certainly be congratulated. The festival seems to go from strength to strength and I am sure it will be great success.

  2. An idea to go with your 'lingo' theme. Have you ever thought of having a competition for the best 'sniglet'? I append below a few examples.
    Aquadextrous- possessing the ability to turn the bath taps on and off with the feet.
    Lullabuoy- an idea that keeps floating into your head and prevents you from sleeping.
    Geosniglet- any word that should be in the atlas but isn't.
    Icision- a delicate operation performed on Neopolitan iceccream in which one entire flavour is precisely removed.
    Bakerlite- an exclamation when you realise the mince pies you put in the oven two hours ago are on fire.