Saturday, 25 February 2012

From Headingley to Oxford

Former Headingley resident Nicolette Jones took part in the first Headingley LitFest: she talked about her terrific book The Plimsoll Sensation. You can find out more about it here

She is now the main moving force behind the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival, and sends us her best wishes...
If you have an appetite for even more munching on literary matters after the Headingley LitFest, you might like to get yourself down to Oxford, where there will be three hundred events, including a children's programme with fifty-nine authors and illustrators.

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  1. My friend recently recommended this book to me and on investigation it sounds a very good and interesting read. It seems difficult to imagine that something we automatically take for granted these days was associated with political intrigue and -as the ships were called 'coffin ships'- I suppose,murder. We should be thankful that Samuel Plimsoll had the courage not to be stifled by pressures from the shipowners- thus making travelling and working on the high seas safer.
    I look forward to obtaining the book and reading about Mr Plimsoll and of course I will certainly regard the 'plimsoll' shoe in a different light from now on!