Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Egyptian Evening in MINT - المصرية مساء

Marcos is organising this. He's the boss of MINT café in North Lane, Headingley and he was over the moon when the LitFest collaborated with him on a terrific Lebanese Evening in March, which had a bellydancer on the programme along with poems in English and Arabic by the likes of Khalil Gibran and Mahmoud Darwish. 

Now there's going to be an Egyptian Evening on Friday 29 June at 8.30pm with Helena Bellydancer, who will not only dance but talk about the remarkable Lady Lucy Duff Gordon (pictured), who was a mid-Victorian translator and travel writer. Her three volumes of travel letters were not originally intended for publication, and perhaps owe their honest style and natural tone to this fact. 

There will be some other readings too, in Arabic and English - for example from the works of Nizar Qabbani, a poet revered in the Arab world.

The food in MINT is brilliant - you can order an authentic mezze buffet for seven pounds if you want to try it. Entry at the door is three pounds.

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