Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Wartime Hospital at Beckett's Park

UPDATE - website for published book -

Headingley LitFest has been awarded a substantial grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund for a project in 2013/2014 based on the military hospital which was at Beckett’s Park, Headingley, during the First World War.

The project will come to a climax in time for the seventh annual LitFest in March 2014 with the production of an illustrated publication and a dramatic performance based on its contents.


  1. Congratulations on being successful in your bid for funding- not always easy!
    What an interesting topic- I look forward to hearing and reading more about it- with quite a large scope.
    I had two great uncles, casualties of World War 1, who were killed in Belguim and are buried there. Another came back from the Battle of the Somme very ill and died in hospital later. Your article has made me want to find out more about what happened- he
    may have been a patient in the hospital you have written about.


  2. Wishing the blog author a very happy Christmas and I look forward,in the coming year, to reading all about the 2013 festival