Thursday, 6 February 2014

Extraordinary poetry from Quarry Mount School

Sheila Chapman writes:
A lovely sunny morning, for a change, and some lovely poetry too from the children at Quarry Mount primary school.

We listened to seven poets, drawn from the various years of the school, with the youngest coming from year 2 and the oldest from Year 6. The children’s interpretation of the theme ‘surviving’ was original, perceptive and brimful of imagery and linguistic dexterity - what a joy to listen to in such an intimate atmosphere. Here are some comments from the poets
-        I liked working with James and writing a poem. I liked working with all the other children as well ...
-        I liked working with James because he gave me good ideas and helped me.
-        I enjoyed the whole experience and working with the head and James, I would love this to happen again.
Each child could invite some friends to listen to them and there were also parents and teachers in the audience. Here are some of the comments from the audience
From children
-        It was all grown up and interesting and cool.
-        I thought it was very interesting and it was very emotional. They should do it more often.
-        I think the poems were extraordinary. They should do this more often.
-        In my opinion James gave them the power to be brave. I wish you can do it more often.
-        I think we should do this more often listening to creative people.

From teachers
-        This was a very special opportunity for the writers to share their work and the invited audience to hear such emotive poetry. A really valuable experience for all involved.
 Karine Hendley - Headteacher
-        A wonderful event – 3 weeks of quality work. The depth of work was first-rate. A great creative and learning process for the pupils – thanks to James and Headingley LitFest. Andrew Howdle – Year 5 teacher
-        Standard of writing and reading brilliant. Extremely moving. Great to see profile of poetry raised within school. The children very proud of their work.
Lynne Blackwood
From parents
·       It is very good to carry on, this will give children confidence and improve their skills.
·       Fabulous I thoroughly enjoyed the poetry and was pleasantly surprised at the maturity in the children’s writings. Amazing effort. Thank you James.

Thank you from Quarry Mount for such a wonderful morning

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  1. Sorry to have missed this assembly - but they are all heart-warming