Thursday, 3 April 2014

An eclectic mix of local poets

Poetry by Heart - Partnership with Poetry by Heart
7.30pm Wednesday 26 March - Heart Café

Síle Moriarty writes:
River Wolton
Poetry by Heart happens on the last Wednesday of every month in the café at Heart and this month Headingley LitFest were delighted to be a partner in the event.

The event always has three ‘halves’ with two poets reading in each section. I find this a really good way to listen to poetry because it gives me time to ‘take it in’, to socialise and to partake of Heart Café’s excellent food and drink. Ian Harker - humorist, poetry-lover and poet - is a brilliant host and ensures that we all feel relaxed and welcome.

Cora Greenhill
The poets this evening were all from the north (Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire) and they gave us wonderful mixture of poetry with titles as diverse as: Mammoth Memory (Cora Greenhill), A Psalm for Those who go Forth on the Day of Redundancy (River Walton), Pokémon (Mark Hinchliffe), In the Room and Out the door (Geoff Hattersley), The Jubilee clock (Sally Goldsmith) and Birdsong (Jonathan Eyre).
Each poet’s style was as diverse as the titles of poems - they intrigued us, moved us, gave us food for thought and made us laugh. Oh, and courtesy of Jonathan, we created our very own dawn chorus.

The next Poetry by Heart is on 30 April – be sure to go.

The audience said:

High quality literature for the people of Leeds. Great atmosphere!

The event was quite entertaining but Geoff Hattersley, Sally Goldsmith and Jonathan Eyre were particularly good and very funny. I liked the way Jonathan tried to get the audience to join in at the end with his Birdsong poetry.  

Great to have a free event with great poets, nice and informal. Nice venue.

All very good and a good variety. This is my first Headingley LitFest event. A wide variety of talent from the North.

Mark Hinchcliffe
A good event – good to hear six poets. Excellent venue and a receptive, welcoming crowd.  

Must have more of these – like every month.

Two female poets so far – good- (poetry readings are why I come). Rather easier to hear than sometimes, in the case of women readers. Male poets – two – insightful, you know – need reading – masculine. Final two: a) rich, wordy, descriptive, b) Performance – good … content. Very concisely done, moving, no lacuna between words and content .

Great event. Let’s have more.

Jonathan Eyre
Interesting mix of poets. Enjoyed it very much. Nice format with 2 poets then a break. Good to hear poets reading their poetry and introductions to them.

Loving it – Cora Greenhill and River Walton utterly alive poetry – both a ‘must buy’. Enjoyed mark’s fox and pink tutu poem a lot. Geoff Hattersley – great – a v. good listen. Sally – brilliant – another must buy! Jonathan excellent – esp. ME poems. Thank you ALL!

Cora Greenhill – well read. Interesting themes. River Walton – too much talk between poems. Geoff Hattersley – powerful voice. Decisive reader. Sally Goldsmith – lively and engaging. Good that the event started on time and moved along well. Six readers great idea and time allocated to each just right. Friendly atmosphere.

A great compère, witty and gentle, with an eclectic mix of local poets on a wide range of interpretations of the LitFest theme. Great to have three ‘halves’ so there was time to chat and interpret the moods and emotions that poetry inspires. What a good partnership with the local LitFest.  

A diverse and entertaining event. Six very different poets – six very distinctive voices.  

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