Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Friendly Fire on Saturday 5 March

This is one of a series of previews for the forthcoming LitFest, which begins on 29 February and ends on 22 March. Look out for the printed brochure, which is coming soon.

Bill Dean, recently married, along with his mates, decides to join a local Pals Regiment.  “All pals together”.  The lads go through basic training, ship off to France and find themselves in the hell of battle at the Somme. In the chaos Bill gets lost, or does he desert? And if he did, who will execute him?

Sound Company are seven men from the Lawnswood School Community Choir.  They tell the story script in hand, with songs from the First World War. Friendly Fire is based on a 1970 play, Killed July 17 1916 by the once-renowned Coventry Theatre in Education Company.  The performance will be followed by a discussion of the issues.

8pm  St Michael's Church Hall, St Michael's Road

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