Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Films at HEART: The Grump

 Tamsin Scott writes:

When thinking of words to describe a film, 'frustrating' is often one that comes to mind. Charming, too, but not usually to describe the same film. However, these are the two words that sprung to the forefront of my mind within the first ten minutes of The Grump and stuck there throughout its entirety. The main storyline of The Grump attempting to fit in with modern day society after a draining accident had me cringing at every turn, from his racist comments to his ill fated advice. 

Antti Litja as Mielensäpahoittaja
The juxtaposition between the modern woman The Missus to the virtually prehistoric title character didnt seem over-dramatic, as Im sure everyone knows what its like to have a family member that you stare at, slack jawed and wide eyed when they come out with something completely inappropriate. However, you couldnt help but be charmed by his interactions with his granddaughters, and the way he took care of his paralysed wife showed a more sensitive side to the ageing farmer. 

The flashbacks made me feel nostalgic for a life I never led, and the colour palette of the entire film made it a joy to watch. The ending, however predictable, was a lovely reminder that no matter what differences families have, they can always be solved by baking some sweet buns. If nothing else, this film reminded me to give my Grandad a call.

Sally Bavage writes:
The Cinage 'short' that preceded the Finnish main film was entitled 'Stormy Weather' and was a poignant look at the dying of the light for one of a pair of sisters.  Simply done and very affecting. Cinage is such a good local opportunity for our community to take part in the actualité and the verité of film-making. 

Audience Comments

The film, as usual, was interesting, unusual, intriguing

Another great evening with Films@Heart.  I enjoyed the short and the main feature was excellent

Quite a mixture of human relationships – father and son/husband and wife – and the reaction of a very old man to modern life.  Amusing, farcical and touching – varied background of both urban, glitzy Helsinki ad very rural Finnish farmland

Well acted.  Was a very suitable viewing for anyone who had done the Cinage course.  On that we saw several films about ageing.  Interesting to see views of Finland

Excellent film

Interesting film

Todella upea! (Ed. 'Really cool!' in Finnish)

It's a really nice selection we could see.  It gave me a lot of inspiration and opened the broad view about generation and ageing.  Thank you

Very good.  Interesting story about an old man.  It took me a while to get into the film but eventually it became quite funny.

I like Scandi humour.  Quirky and thought it looked good.  Very moving - funny bits, sad bits, quirky bits, thoughtful.  Thanks.

Really enjoyed it

Most enjoyable – some humour in parts – by Finnish standards laugh-a-minute

Interesting and thought-provoking.  An antidote to Hollywood


Excellent film


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