Saturday, 6 May 2017


Ian Harker and Andrew Lambeth write:
Submissions are now open for a new Leeds-based poetry and short fiction magazine, Strix. 

Submissions close at midnight on 31 May. We’re looking for three poems (max. 40 lines) or up to 1,000 words of short fiction. There’s no theme, and no limit on genre or style.

The first issue will launch in Leeds on 1 July. It’s co-produced by Andrew Lambeth (who’s a typographer as well as a poet) and the designer Nat McAnuff – it’s going to be entirely print-based, and will revel in its inky-papery-ness. Some prototype issues are pictured.

So do send us something.

Please email us at Word documents would be good, and it would also be a big help if you could include a short 100-word bio, and list the title or titles of the pieces you’re submitting in the body of the email.