Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our part in World Book Night

Headingley LitFest has been chosen by World Book Night to receive forty-eight free copies of Alan Bennett's A Life Like Other People's. These will be delivered about a fortnight before the LitFest starts, and as we have just received the news, we have yet to decide the mechanics of distribution. The official World Book Night is on Saturday 5 March.

Alan Bennett is, just in case you don't know, one of our local literary heroes, who attended the school which is now known as Lawnswood, and who lived over his father's butcher's shop opposite the Three Horseshoes pub, now known as Royale Dry Cleaning.

Lesley McDowell wrote in the Independent in May:

Alan Bennett's memoir of his parents' marriage and his mother's battles with depression is clear-eyed, touching, occasionally waspish, not always charitable, and ever honest. The discovery in later life that his maternal grandfather committed suicide is, he tells us, the kind of thing a writer longs for, to spice up a dull, normal family story. But, of course, no family is ever really dull or normal, and no family is ever "like other people's", however much one might strive for it to be so.

You can read the rest by clicking here.

Reviews from anyone else are welcome.


  1. I am sure the lucky recipients of Alan Bennett's book will be delighted. I have 'Untold Stories' and it is a very good read- in true Bennett style there is so much crammed into it.Of course his childhood and school days in Leeds feature in it too.

  2. Congratulations on receiving the Alan Bennett books.Perhaps one way to distribute the books could be giving one to the first people to book for the Litfest events ?

  3. The young people in Headingley should read this to see how differernt things are now but some things dont change.

  4. Has Bennett been invited to the LitFest for next year?

  5. He is too waspish for my liking