Monday, 28 February 2011

Thanks, Radish

Headingley has still got a library, but no real bookshop since Bookz closed down a few years ago (no offence, Oxfam Books...) so it is wonderful to be attended upon by the excellent Radish bookshop, which is situated far from the delights of God's Own Suburb in the alternative universe of Chapel Allerton. The Alan Bennett freebies which we were given by the World Book people arrived there, along with several cardboard boxes containing other titles. Apparently, Nigel Slater's Toast is popular in those parts.

Prominently displayed near the checkout desk this afternoon was The Battersea Park Road To Enlightenment, by Isabel Losada, who will be speaking/performing at the Headingley Heart Centre on Wednesday 16 March on How to get published, and who intends to sign copies of her best-seller not only at the event but also the following morning at Radish.

Remember Bookz? It was piled high with cheapo and remaindered tomes, but there was also plenty of good stuff. Pity it foundered. All the more reason to have a LitFest in the area. Let's fly the flag!

Below, Sally Thums at Radish:


  1. It is good, isn't it, when you discover a really good bookshop! In our local town there is a small one tucked away down an alley just off the busy High Street. I have been known to disppear down that alley and not appear for a couple of hours!However in a neighbouring town I have read that two independent bookshops- one founded in 1899 by a classics master at the local grammar school- have ceased trading.
    As the launch of your Litfest comes nearer and nearer all the very best for a very successful event- I just wish that I lived a little nearer God's Own Suburb!

  2. Radish is a great community bookshop and is well worth the trip to Chapel Allerton to have a look round.