Friday, 1 April 2011

Beechey Island

This poem was greatly admired by a number of people at the Let Me Speak event on 22 March. Campion Rollinson has now sent it, and you can read it on Headingley LitFest Originals.


  1. That is really superb- what a poignant and sensitive way of writing about the post mortem-I suppose- of a man who had died over a hundred years before. I think it has been said that the lead poisoning was from the cans the food they had was stored in!
    I look forward to reading some more selections from your 'Let me Speak' event.

  2. I was moved by this poem when I heard it read out; it is really striking when you can read it. Having read quite a few books about Arctic exploration, this really resonates with the feelings of those in England who want to find out what has happened to missing explorers, adventurers or sailors, and to dignify their burial.

  3. A moving and well-constructed poem and one of many fabulous poems written by Campion.