Thursday, 24 May 2018

A A Dhand - 'City of Sinners'

Read our local pharmacist's latest crime thriller. Enter the competition too!

Book launch & MAJOR competition to find Yorkshire's next big crime-writer!
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The time has arrived! "City of Sinners" is due for release on Friday June 29th at Bradford Waterstones and I would love for you all to join me and host BBC 5 live radio presenter Phil Williams (who has a cameo in the book!) as we explore the novel and the Harry Virdee series.
The launch also kicks off a weekend of crime at the Bradford Literary Festival AND a major competition to find Yorkshire's next big crime-writer... see below
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Major writing competition in association with Bradford Literature Festival, WME agency and Mayfair Group Investment

Time to give something back! I'm delighted to announce that Yorkshire based company, Mayfair Group Investment have donated a substantial amount of money to provide a UNIQUE opportunity for up to TEN writers to attend a writer's residential course at the well-respected ARVON foundation in Yorkshire where AA Dhand and Simon Trewin will help them with their novels. The six-week competition window will open at the launch of "City of Sinners" at Bradford Waterstones where more details will be provided. As a preliminary heads-up, writers will be asked to submit the first 5000 words of their crime-novel and up to TEN will be selected for a year's mentorship. WME agency will also consider representation of one or more of these authors.  

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Crime-writing workshop at Bradford Literature Festival with AA Dhand and agent Simon Trewin

Want to kick-start your entry to the competition above? Then get ahead with this workshop where author AA Dhand gives you the cheats, hows and why's and agent Simon Trewin tells you what he is looking for and how to make your novel stand out from the crowd.

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Into the mind of a serial killer - join AA Dhand and former Bradford detective's Andrew Laptew and Stephen Snow as we explore the criminal mind

How does the criminal mind work and what can we learn from the detectives who helped to bring down some of the most notorious murderers of our time including the Yorkshire Ripper and the Crossbow Cannibal Killer. Not only a fascinating view into the darker side of human behaviour but for aspiring authors, a view into a world they may be writing about in their novels... 

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