Saturday, 26 May 2018

Charlotte Brontë in Brussels

An 'In Between the Lines' event -


7 Jun 2018 7:30pm - 9pm

The Leeds Library 18 Commercial Street, Leeds, LS1 6AL

This illustrated talk is to promote Helen MacEwan's much-acclaimed new book: Through Belgian Eyes: Charlotte Brontë’s Troubled Brussels Legacy.

Helen MacEwan
MacEwan once more reveals herself as the current leading figure in the area of Brontë studies which concentrates on the time spent in Brussels by Charlotte Brontë, as a pupil and as an assistant teacher. Her well-known negative observations on Brussels and its inhabitants, and on Belgium in general, are rehearsed, embroidered upon and set in context, and the influence of her experiences in the city on her writings, particularly those relating to her beloved teacher, Constantin Heger, are examined in detail in a discourse which is both scholarly and accessible to less academic readers.

Less well-known ground is ploughed in addition: MacEwan has researched not only what Belgian commentators wrote about Charlotte Brontë, but what other literary figures like Baudelaire and Thackeray thought of Brussels and the relatively new country at a crossroads of Europe in the nineteenth century. Many of their opinions were not too different to hers.

It's free. Just turn up but to make sure of a seat ring 0113 245 3071 or register here:

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