Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dark Threads

Dark Threads - Jean Davidson
Headingley Oxfam Bookshop - Tuesday 25 March

Gail Alvarez writes:
It is for another to write a fuller account of the excellent evening in Oxfam Books with Jean Davidson talking about her experiences in High Royds, but whilst there I cast my eye along the shelves.

I was struck by the quality of the bang-up-to-date books on show.  We often bemoan the loss of the independent bookshop but we have our own Aladdin’s Cave for the discerning reader right here in the heart of Headingley.  How could I have forgotten?  Do I need to use online searches for my book choices and then one-click to buy them?  No; volunteers will give advice on the backlist of authors or similar books on favourite topics. Fewer visits to the ‘Jungle’ and more to a real bookshop for me!

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  1. I agree that Oxfam Bookshop is an Aladdin's cave for the discerning reader. I, too, had somehow missed it before coming to do my talk last night. I will definitely be a regular visitor to the bookshop in future.