Sunday, 16 March 2014

Their diction and humour shone through

                                                                       Photo: Richard Wilcocks
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Trio Literati
Saturday 16 March 2014, New Headingley Club

Twenty audience comments

1.     A very good idea to combine poetry and music.
2.     Learnt so much about ALT that I didn’t know/realize. The music was an interesting and entertaining addition to an excellent performance.
3.      This brought me clearly back to Tennyson – which I was forced to do at ‘A’ level. A lively and original performance.
4.     Imaginative and effective blend of biography and poetry – varied and enhanced by the three voices. The music added an extra welcome dimension.
5.     An ingenious picture of the poet and his work. Vivid and comprehensive considering the limited time available. Excellent team work. The mixture of music and spoken verse most effective!  
6.     Fabulous to get the opportunity to hear poems read aloud. An introduction for me to some works I didn’t know.
7.     Beautiful, clear verse reading plus musical accompaniment. Shall go home immediately and find that volume of Tennyson.
8.     Trio Literati really brought Tennyson’s poetry to life for me. They gave me new insight into his work. Some of the themes are so applicable today; the musical interpretations added a new angle and were very enjoyable.  
9.     Reminded me how good Tennyson is (how could I have forgotten). Music was also a nice touch. Trio Literati really brought the poetry to life.
10.  Superb, inspirational, very well done.
11.  Interesting compilation of T’s works and music created for them.
12.  This was an enjoyable evening’s entertainment with a good blend of speech and singing. It introduced to me the wide range of Tennyson’s work – a poet about whom I knew very little although I was aware of some of the common quotes – ‘come into the garden Maud’, ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’, ‘In Spring a young man’s fancy …’. A good contribution to the LitFest. Anon
13.  What a well chosen balanced selection of T. works.
14.  A delightful evening. A pleasure to learn about a poet I hardly knew in the company of such talented performers. The words and songs created echoed across many years, big thank you.
15.  A lovely balance of very well known Tennyson and the less often heard/read poems. The Victorian drawing room atmosphere was enhanced by the musical pieces by Christopher and Graham – beautifully performed. It was very interesting to be reminded that Tennyson contributed some very well known phrases in the English languages.
16.  Varied programme. Very interesting and entertaining. Good with music and song. Some lovely touches. Good costumes.
17.  Really enjoyed it – a great demonstration of what reading aloud of poetry can be. Enjoyed the music very much as well (was hoping for ‘sweet and low’) but the selection was wonderful.
18.  The Trio (plus 2) made Tennyson’s poem and the man come alive in a most unexpected way.
19.  Trio Literati are always good value, and excelled in this Tennyson anthology. As usual their diction and humour shone through. Entertaining and informative. It was accompanied by musical words from sympathetic compositions.
20.  Very enjoyable evening. Thank you.

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