Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Poet James Nash at Weetwood Primary School

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Joanne Parker with James Nash
Year 5 at Weetwood Primary school shared their poetry today with classmates and parents.  Poet James Nash introduced the sharing session explaining how the children’s writing was based on Walter de la Mare’s narrative poem ‘The Listeners’  where the young people had been invited to write from the perspective of the phantoms in the house.

Year 5 had answered questions  in the first person as if they were the listeners, the ghostly presence,  in the old house. From there they had taken their initial ideas to a first or second drafts of a poem [ in one case five drafts] and then were all ready to share their finished pieces.

Class teacher Joanne Parker was hugely impressed at her class’s creativity, imaginative use of language and  growth in confidence over the three sessions the young people worked with James. 

The children themselves really enjoyed the experience.  Among their comments they said they liked:

‘creating my own poem’, 
'going for a second draft’,
'writing a mysterious poem’,
‘listening to James talking about being a poet’.

Standout lines were many, and included,

‘our sobs endlessly running for war’

‘I can taste nothing but thin air’

‘Spiders and ticks find a home in their carcase’

‘My friends and family left when I caught death’.

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