Thursday, 28 March 2019

Poet Kirsty Taylor at Ralph Thoresby School

Poet Kirsty Taylor has now completed her series of workshops at Ralph Thoresby School in Holt Park.  The group of young poets, who name themselves 'Rebel Writers', have been filmed by Joshua Lewis of Big Dumb Music performing their best pieces of work.  Once the final video has been edited and set to music, it will be uploaded on to the school website.  Watch this space. 

Kirsty Taylor on YouTube:

Comments from the young poets that stay with you:
“I'm not usually very good but this has expanded my writing skills”
“You can write about gritty things here”
“You can write from your heart”
“It's really good having Kirsty here, having a professional poet”
“What we write can be experimental, it's not marked”
“This helps with my confidence for the future”
“This stuff helps with actual life”

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