Saturday, 19 March 2016

Florence and Jem - The Wooden Dragon

James Nash writes:

Jem and Ric Neild
I didn’t tell my dog I was going to the launch of the latest Florence and Jem book at the impossibly cute Meanwood Institute.  Jem had come to his birthday party in December and he really likes Florence.  Instead I sat among the audience on my own while the latest story was read on stage by Rick Neild to many children and all of us slightly, misty-eyed adults.  A lovely tale about the wooden dragon in Meanwood Park, it kept us enthralled while Jem pushed up and down the rows of chairs amongst his many fans, keeping a watchful eye on the table laden down with delicious home-made cakes.

For me the book has everything a truly brilliant children’s book should have, a good story, characters I like and a strong sense of place; [it’s always a thrill to find mentions of parts of the city you live in].  And last but not least, with its lovely illustrations by Clare Morgan and its terrific story-telling, it’s as clearly entertaining for an adult to read out aloud as it is for its young audience to hear. 

I loved the whole event.

Audience Comments
Great setting and really enjoyed the reading. Reader was very good.

Really well organised, friendly atmosphere. Great cake!

Julian Oxley
Glad there is a sequel to Whale in the Woods. Lovely reading

Fantastic book. Great atmosphere. Looking forward to the next!

Very well attended event. Kids loved it - good reader


Organised and well run

Excellent presentation and lovely book

Clare Morgan
Lovely event. It would be useful to include what time the doors open on the flyer in future. With kids it helps to hone a window of arrival time.

A lovely event!

It's been lovely

Note: one feedback form had no writing on it just a drawing of a dragon!


  1. Thank you to everyone who came to our event on Saturday. We really appreciate your support and hope that you enjoy the books.

  2. Sumptuous lively review by the handsome Mr Nash. Encapsulates my feelings and thoughts about the event. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the reading and the MI intimate setting. Well done Jules - what an achievement.

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