Monday, 7 March 2016

How independent is Ireland? - Bernard Purcell in the New Headingley Club

Audience Comments
I thought some people found it hard to get their questions in! It provoked thought – and maybe controversy? Great! “Ye cannae eat a flag” I loved that! More of such speakers please!

Very interesting talk about close links between Ireland and Uk – analysis and examples. Could have been longer!

An informative and, at times, witty overview of the history of Ireland – and Irish in Britain!

Very interesting talk on the people and culture of Ireland. I also thought it was very nice to have people playing Irish music before the event began as people were arriving.

I found it really interesting. Much of what was said reflected my experience of being a 2nd generation Irish in England.

Wonderful! I learnt a lot – a great speaker – eloquent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Enjoyable, informative, wish it was longer

This event was excellent, informative and very enlightening.

Excellent. Very interesting.

Interesting and positive.

A stimulating and informative talk on a subject little discussed!

Greatly informative speaker.

A very interesting topic but sadly it was too difficult to hear the speaker as the acoustics in the New Headingley Club are so poor and, as the audience was seated in a semi circle, the soft voice could not carry. A microphone would have helped – also if the speaker has slowed down his delivery. A text book example of how not to give an otherwise fascinating talk.

I found the lecture very interesting, and one of real significance for the Irish in Leeds, as well as a general audience.  I thought it was rather short, however and that was disappointing (20 minutes) as the speaker was clearly very knowledgeable.  But I just discovered that there was a problem with trains

Very interesting, especially liked the GAA anecdote and the Terry Wogan ref and the list of people of Irish extraction. Also would like more discussion about … ??

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