Thursday, 19 March 2015

'My Time Has Come' - Alison Taft's new novel

 Alison Taft with James Nash                            Photos: Richard Wilcocks

Sustenance for the audience

Audience comments:

Brilliant – but then I am her mother!

I enjoyed this evening very much. It’s inspiring and uplifting to listen to Alison talk about her own writing process and feelings about her work. I enjoyed James’s questions and their rapport and feel refreshed for the experience. Thank you.

Really good event. Very relaxed. Alison very open and honest about her writing, the process of writing and being published. Very interesting to find out more of the background to her books as well.

Well organised and relaxed event. Well attended. Pleased that book sales were not pushed to the forefront. Enjoyable, honest conversation between Alison Taft and James Nash - answering intelligent, searching questions.

Great to hear a reading of a novel-in-progress. Relaxed conversation making very interesting insight to the writing process.

Good to hear a writer talking about the process of writing – engaging and inspirational.

Interesting interview. Alison came over very naturally. Enjoyed her reading. Look forward to the finished book!

A fluent presentation and interesting information on her process of writing. Will read one of her books now. It would have helped if the interviewer had also been standing as he was difficult to hear and see.

An interesting conversation between friends. The venue was rather crowded and it was difficult to hear everything. The tone was intimate and warm – a smaller venue might have been better – or the chairs arranged in a semi-circle? Glad I came.

Really enjoyed Alison talking about her own writing in relation to both her novels and on a wider scale. She teaches me creative writing at the Heart centre, so it’s nice to hear her discuss her own work great nibbles and wine! - added bonus!!

Good balance between interview, reading and QandA. The reading really whet our appetite. Lovely to see a full room too.

Brilliant! The questions and answers weren’t too cliché and offered insight. Relaxed atmosphere. Cheers!

Very interesting ‘Q and A’, especially being able to ask Alison our own questions. Also a good reading.

Very interesting event well presented by both Alison and James. Venue excellent, a really enjoyable evening.

Very pleasant and well-arranged event – most interesting to hear an author read her own work. Thank you.

Very interesting talk and I learnt a lot about the writing process.

Really interesting, lovely to hear part of Alison’s new book.

Enjoyable evening; could hear every word. Authoress well inteviewed by Nashie. Poor visibility back in the 1/9s.

Found it very interesting as to what impels Alison to write.

Enyoyed hearing about the creative process and a book reading. (Not to mention the wine!)

Committed to her work. Enthusiastic.

Very good and funny author. Very good interview by James Nash as well.

Fascinating evening. I need to read the book now.

Enlightening, interesting and entertaining.

A great evening. Thought provoking and entertaining.

Really enjoyed the evening, very interesting to listen to.

Interesting and informative event. Well organised.

Very inspiring and enjoyed.

Great, Ali was great, really good talk.

Very interesting and entertaining. Thank you.

A very enjoyable event.

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