Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tales of the Unexpected - Maggie Mash's house event

Serene Leong writes:
I walked up the gravel path to a red door, not sure of what to expect at Maggie Mash’s house event Tales of the Unexpected.

In a lovely room, an expectant crowd of fifty sat happily on mismatched chairs, many of them borrowed from neighbours. For an hour or so, we listened to poems from Maggie Mash and Linda Marshall, short stories from Jane Oakshott and readings by Tony Todd, David Robertson and Frances McNeill. There was even a sneak preview by Stuart Fortey of his new detective story Scandal in Scarborough.

As the warm spring sunlight filled the room, we sang along with Teresa O’Driscoll and John Kilburn -  the Retrolettes. Harmonising to Climbing the Mountain with a Baby got me really excited and everyone there was giving their best shot at making sure we stayed in tune! 

It was a wonderful afternoon, full of exciting performances and much laughter. Tales of the Unexpected was a little scary, a little magical and a whole lot of fun. Thank you to Maggie and family for the great hospitality! 

Maggie Mash

Here, she is the character Death in a Somerset Maugham story.
Jane Oakshott

At the end of her delivery of a mock-gothic tale, the audience jumped out of its collective skin.
David Robertson

He read from The Turn of the Screw - really frightening.

Stuart Fortey

Playwright Fortey has written his first detective story - set in Scarborough.
Frances McNeill

A new Kate Shackleton story set in the ghostly old Leeds Library - includes an exorcism.

John Kilburn

Brilliant and accomplished as ever. YouTube doesn't do him full justice.

Teresa O'Driscoll

Brimming with charm and musicality. Should cover more Carter Family numbers.
Linda Marshall

Headingley's poet laureate. Well, one of them...
Tony Todd

He read from his first novel - and left us cliffhanging

Audience comments:

An unexpected pleasure. So much talent crammed into one room! Great to see the diversity of local talent from writers, poets, actors and singers living nearby. If only there were more of these!

Amazingly varied, yet smoothly moving from one item to another. A great gathering of local talent in a sequence of excellent work, both classic and original, skilfully woven together.

Great setting for this intimate event and pleased it was so well attended. Being my first session I wasn’t sure what to expect but was delighted with all the performances and readings. Charming. I am a huge fan of Ms McNeil and was not disappointed. Having read all her books I was really looking forward to seeing her.

Wonderful variety of song, narrative and poetry, sometimes all combined. Performers who can spellbind a sticky audience. Well done.

I had no idea what to expect and what a wealth of talent was showcased this afternoon. A privilege to have been here.

Good variety of performers: poems, tales, extracts from novels, and songs. Very entertaining, good way to pass an afternoon.

A varied programme of highly entertaining readings and songs delivered in a sharp and witty fashion. The afternoon sped by.

Varied, participative, entertaining. Skilfully written and performed. The domestic setting seemed to add to enjoyment.

A lovely varied afternoon’s entertainment. Thanks Maggie for giving us your house for the afternoon and reminding us of the huge amount of local talent around.

Excellent. A really entertaining mixture of readings and music. A perfect afternoon.

Different way to spend a Sunday pm. Innovative.

Exotic, exciting and scary.

Very busy. Very entertaining. Well received – music was particularly brill – those Retrolettes should be paid far more money. Will make a point of coming again next year. Thanks Maggie.

A remarkably diverse afternoon of music, magic and mystery!

Delightful afternoon – lots of talent and mystery tales.

Great fun and the variety of the contributions was most creative and enjoyable.

A very interesting and amusing assortment, most enjoyable.

A really excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Poetry, readings and music fabulous!

Delightful! Marvellous miscellany

1. Interesting  2. Warm 3. Fun

Wonderfully varied charivari of readings and song. Very enjoyable.

Very interesting afternoon. Did not know so much fun was to be had on Weetwood Lane. Will investigate the ‘Fest’.

A most entertaining afternoon. I heard many pieces I was unfamiliar with. Loved it! Thank you.

An uplifting and stimulating event with a lively mix of prose, poetry and son. Very well organised.

Lovely afternoon, local talent I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Exciting/wildly varied and all most stimulating!

A wonderful afternoon – full of originality and wit.

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