Saturday, 14 March 2015

Trio Literati - Censored

Audience participation in a Shaw premiere                       Photos: Richard Wilcocks

Serene Leong writes:
Known for their intelligent and witty performances, Trio Literati charmed me tonight with their take on censorship in the UK. They took on a light hearted and entertaining approach towards this sensitive and controversial topic. 

The trio, Maggie Mash, Jane Oakshott and Richard Rastall performed snippets of prose and poetry and were joined by musicians Eleanor Rastall and Jonathan Drummond. Taking the audience on a wild ride, the trio entertained with their versions of censored plays. A few lucky ones in the room were even given a chance to join in the fun, taking up characters in The Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet by George Bernard Shaw, a play which was originally banned by the Lord Chamberlain because of its references to God. 

It was a night of comical banter and intimate sharing, all within the playful perimeters of censorship. I’m glad I joined in the fun! 

Shhh! Shall not elaborate more, because.. CENSORED! 

Jonathan Drummond
Eleanor Rastall
RW writes:
One memorable highlight of the evening was Eleanor Rastall's superb rendering of the Brecht/Weill classic Nannas Lied (Nanna's Song), in the original German: "Meine Herren, mit siebzehn Jahren/ Kam ich auf den Liebesmarkt/ Und ich habe viel erfahren..." Her translation appeared in the programme - "Gentlemen, at seventeen years/ I came onto the Love Market/ And I experienced a lot..." More!

Audience comments:

Brilliant as ever. Entertaining, thought-provoking and innovative. Outstanding communication with and engagement of the audience. Wide range of material skillfully woven into a coherent and engaging presentation.

How wonderful it is to be able to nip on a bus for 10 minutes and then watch such a fantastic show. Well done to organisers and performers.

This superb show combined cabaret, dance and comedy. The script ranged over the history of censorship … but never did the content obscure the performance. Brilliant research matched by wit, song and dance.

Innovative, entertaining show.  Very funny. Love the songs and lighthearted treatment of serious issues which is also thought provoking.

Highly professional compilation, well written, usual high standard of performance. Should be banned!

A joy and delight. Totally original. Amusing and instructive.

Full of energy and life. What we need to make us think with joy and …

Delightfully witty handling of a serious topic which is no less relevant today.

A witty and lighthearted history and exposé of an insidious plague.

Excellent choice of material with contemporary relevance – Eleanor R’s singing included for first time in my experience added a splendid extra dimension.

Original- thought provoking, funny and surprisingly topical. The music complemented the play beautifully.

Entertaining performance.  Very ‘English’, and that’s still okay? Singer had a very appropriate voice, with sympathetic accompaniment.

A thought provoking and enjoyable evening. The musical interludes were particularly enjoyable part of the evening’s event.

Very enjoyable in their inimical style, thought provoking, well presented. Songs and music a welcome surprise. Professional.

Wonderful mix between literature and music with a well balanced note of comedy and knowledge …

A lively funny entertainment with an especially engaging musical performer.

Well performed – very clear and audible at the back.

A nice selection of scenes. Very original and entertaining.

A wonderful selection of songs and prose. Really entertaining.

Very enjoyable, but with a serious undertone.

Excellent mixture of song and spoken word, with lots to think about.

A beautiful show, entertaining, thought-provoking, witty, very well performed.

A highly entertaining evening of humour, satire and music.

What a super evening! I didn’t realise how censors ruled our lives!

A great idea, brilliantly executed. And very funny.

First class in the cabaret tradition. Very well put together and with a top class vocalist.

Brilliant show, very original and though provoking. Wonderful acting and singing.

Brilliantly done and lovely singing and music – most enjoyable.

Good fun (thoughtful) good music.

Very entertaining.

An excellent evening!

Very good!

Thoroughly informative, original and fun.

Great fun.

 A witty and clever script. Perhaps there was a slight imbalance, the first half seeming to have more ‘zing’ than the second which we wanted to go on and on! Eleanor was (is!) a charming addition to the group.

A very slick performance enhanced by so many of the audience living locally and knowing the cast. The interspersing of the drama with music from Eleanor Rastall and Jonathan Drummond worked very well. The fact that some of the Trio Literati team were reading from a script part of the time did not matter. It was a great evening.

The show was entertaining, although the fact that the performers mostly read from the script rather than recite from memory, was distracting – and detracting from the pleasure.

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