Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The plight of the refugee - Leave to Remain - film

Kate Baldwin writes:
There are so many clichés I could use to describe Leave to Remain, all as the highest compliment: an emotional rollercoaster, an absolute eye-opener, and more. I found myself laughing, crying and feeling a warmth in my heart during a wonderful depiction of a group of teenage refugees in the UK. 

The moment when Zizidi saw snow for the first time was a heartwarming end to a thought-provoking and gritty film that tackled an issue particularly close to home for the Headingley community. I thought the theme was handled very sensitively but with the honesty required to bring the real stories the film was based on to life before our eyes. 

The coupling of insightful camerawork (particularly during Abdul's attacks of PTSD) and an emotive soundtrack (interestingly composed by ALT-J) caused Leave to Remain to exercise the viewer's mind very cleverly while appealing to the senses. A very successful film in both content and style. 

See the film's trailer here -

Audience comments:

Heartbreaking stories but so representative.  Well organised event.  Thank you for organising this brilliant film and bringing the community groups to be a part  (JS)

Targeted this film because I used to work with refugees and asylum seekers in Bradford.  Appreciated the LitFest ‘wrapper’ with reading suggestions, and introduction from local RAS support groups.  Film itself portrayed complexity of this often misunderstood subject.  (HA)

It was thought-provoking (L C-M)

Separated from my family by the state in Britain because they are w rongly accused of keeping me as a slave.  I am fighting to get justice for them and to be reunited with them.  I have been refused any contact with them!  (JH)

 Excellent choice  (GR)

It was good – keep it up.  I enjoyed the movie.  (KP)

Well made film.  Important to screen it.  Thank you. (D)

Excellent film.  Good to be reminded what agony asylum-seekers have to go through.  (SW)

Thought-provoking film challenging misconceptions about asylum seekers (could do with cushions on seats!)  (TJ)

Good venue, enjoyed the film  (HB)

Brill!!  (JK)

Enjoyed it very much!  (VS)

Jane Williams brought the film to our attention and we were happy to support this truly independent British film.  (T)

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