Saturday, 7 March 2015

'Threshold' at Café Lento

Laura Cummins writes:
Peter Spafford and Richard Ormrod               Photo: Richard Wilcocks
The cosy and atmospheric Café Lento played host to the eclectic ‘Threshold’ last night, put on by the multi-talented Peter Spafford and Richard Ormrod. There was a perfectly-blended mixture of spoken word, beautiful music, and surrealism on offer, all fitted around the theme of hospitality and our shared experiences of the kindness of particular strangers. Highlights included modern re-imaginings of everything from Schubert’s Winterreise to sixteenth-century Chinese poetry, and an exploration of the possible outcries of Chagall’s mother. A fantastically funny evening - so much so the woman next to me spat out her wine at one point - with some beautiful musical moments.

Richard Wilcocks adds:
One of the many things which sticks in my mind from last night is Peter Spafford's very personal, almost confessorial storytelling, backed by notes and chords from the extraordinary Richard Ormrod, for example the one about when he was offered a bed for the night by strangers when he was stuck with his car in impassable snow.

Audience feedback:

Excellent. Really good mix of music and words - old and new. Warm, friendly atmosphere. (James Fernie)

Excellent and intriguing mix of beautifully delivered entertainment. Thought provoking and delightful at the same time. (Marion Purchon)

Brilliant evening! Wunderschönes Abend mit sehr interessantem Publikum und außergewöhnlichen Interpreten, die mit ihrer Liebe zur Musik und Literatur die Menschen in ihre Welt holen...  (Lisa)

Eclectic - harmonied genres/range of instruments. I love the material. Brilliant, as ever. (Murray)

Two talented, creative and imaginative artists... enjoyable and challenging. (Gail McIntyre)

Nice comfortable relaxing evening, good company, atmosphere. Lovely to listen to very creative talented musicians who are very humble and hospitable! (Maria)

Enjoyable and wonderful to hear original work. (Ruth Wynne)

A marvellous evening's entertainment. Excellent music and a great atmosphere. (Bill Fitzsimmons)

Brilliant atmosphere and mix of people. Great format for the event. More please. (Dick Downing)

Lovely atmosphere - intimate setting made it a very friendly audience. Storytelling was wonderful. (Laura)

Interesting mixture of sources and ideas, and an impressive array of instruments played. Made me both want to go travelling and to come home - and to offer hospitality to strangers. (Nicolette Jones)

Enjoyed the music as well as the stories. (Gaby Jones)

Unusual, tuneful, thought-provoking, funny... great storytelling through both media, words and music. (Jane Oakshott)

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