Sunday, 14 March 2010

Are you around, John Comer?

If you're reading this, John Comer, we - Doug Sandle and myself - would like to know where you are. You are a one-time resident of Headingley, and our attention has just been drawn to your recently-published The Old Time. So are you close enough to come to any LitFest events or to join us for a drink in Arcadia, which is very close to where you once lived in Alma Road?

The Old Time - ISBN 142514298-2 Trafford Publishing

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Below, John in the 1960s. Photo taken by Dave Williams in Moorland Avenue, LS6


  1. As the first day of your festival dawns wishing you all the very best for every event to be a success. The programme looks superb- something for everyone!

  2. Hi all - all the warmest and best wishes from me too - there's nowhere lovelier than Headingley, specially in the current sunshine.
    I'm really looking forward to doing my bit on Saturday, and thereafter. For example, when I was small, I went to St Agnes' school in Burton Crescent - still going, though it's a very long time since I went there, apart from occasionally taking my Mum to the surgery just up the road. I've often wondered what became of other pupils (apart from sister Hilary, editor of Red Pepper, who I'm sure would come and regale the Litfest in future years.
    The Misses Harvey who ran it in my day were teachers of the most inspiring kind, as were their staff such as the sweet Mrs Keble who lived opposite the old library in St Michael's Terrace, and Mabel Armitage whose husband John was curator of natural history at Leeds Museum and is still much (and deservedly) revered. He was also an expert forger of postage stamps.
    More in this vein on Saturday in True North. btw if any reader wants a bit of background on that, the books online bibliography/discussion blog (to save paper) is on

    All v best

    Martin Wainwright