Thursday, 25 March 2010

Damned United. Damned good.

Monday's showing at our beloved Cottage Road Cinema (100 years old in 2012) of The Damned United, directed by Tom Hooper using David Peace's factional account as a starting point, was enjoyable, and funny. Poor old Billy Bremner doesn't come out of it very well, because we are reminded of spectacular deliberate dives as well as spectacular playing. Don Revie becomes a blustering manipulator too. 

Actually not that much spectacular playing (difficult to make it credible in a film like this) in spite of all attempts. Michael Sheen is a more than convincing Cloughie, and Timothy Spall a great Peter Taylor, but the screenplay does steer clear of certain parts of Peace's narrative, and the ending is well....cosmetic. Heartwarming though.

For all the genuine low-down, read Anthony Clavane's Promised Land, just out. Find it on Amazon.

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  1. Congratulations.You have a cinema in your local area and it will soon be 100 years old!Our local cinema closed about thirty years ago and is now a carpet warehouse!
    It would be enjoyable to see 'The Damned United' in such a local setting. I have heard it described as a farce with disaster and tragedy as well. I remember reading somewhere about Don Revie being described -from David Peace's writing- as a handsome kit version of Les Dawson without an ounce of humour!
    I am sure the organisers of the festival will be feeling pretty exhausted as it nears its end but from the reviews they should be congratulating themselves on a very successful event.