Tuesday, 23 March 2010


It's going to be community radio at its best!

This coming Saturday, the brightly-coloured caravan of East Leeds FM will be parked outside St Michael's Church near the war memorial in the centre of Headingley. You will find it difficult to miss. It will be there from about 10am, and the fun will start at 10.30am, when the podcasts begin. This is GMT we're talking about - so if you are in somewhere like New Zealand and reading this (and I know you're there...) you will have to adjust your body clock before you tune in - on the internet. Your normal radios and crystal sets will, of course, not be required. Incidentally, best of luck to Save Radio New Zealand!

Broadcasting lasts for two hours. If you are anywhere near the caravan, try to make a contribution which is relevant to the current LitFest goings-on. Tap on the driver's side and say who you are.

Peter Spafford, who works for ELFM, will be there. The children he has been working with recently in Shire Oak and Spring Bank Primary schools will probably not be there in the flesh, but you will be able to listen to them, pre-recorded. Most of it will be live, though - so get ready to listen:

Go to www.elfm.co.uk

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