Thursday, 25 March 2010

Kettle and Bennett

I have just noticed a Guardian piece by Martin Kettle (see previous post on the Kettle connection) who writes about how he 'knows' Alan Bennett through a shared Headingley upbringing. He used to walk up to 'the grammar school' (now Lawnswood) every morning as well and mentions a sadistic PE teacher with the surname King that they both knew about.  It is in the context of last year's Hay Festival: that's the one in marquees with celebrity chefs.

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  1. Leeds seems to be a 'real jack- in the -box' from which has sprung so many writers and interesting people and connections always fascinate me.
    I did not know until very recently that Lettice Cooper spent some of her childhood in Leeds where her father ran an engineering firm.
    However it is a big city, one I am not familiar with, and Headingley could be many, many miles away from where she was.