Saturday, 13 March 2010


Yes, sunshine! Today!The sky is as blue as a blackbird's egg, and the warmth is so welcome after the dip in temperature last week. It won't be long before we plant the Kiwi fruit, and it's a sure sign that we'll soon be off to a good start. 

Hundreds of people milled around on the lawn in front of the main rose garden at Headingley Farmers' Market this morning, and plenty of them took our programme-leaflet, albeit a little absent-mindedly as they listened to the music which wafted in their direction from the gamelan players. Let's hope they all come to at least one of the events! Tickets are shifting as well, especially for novelist David Peace, normally based in Japan but in Yorkshire at the moment.

Richard Lindley, maître d' at the illustrious Café Lento, revealed today that he will begin the proceedings next Wednesday with a reading of his favourite short story - by Roddy Doyle. As the one-time owner of a historic Norton motorcycle, he has been talking about an event based on the Motorcycle Diaries (Notas de Viaje - Diarios de Motocicleta) of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara , who rode one when he was still a medical student and who has gained Richard's admiration simply for being able to cope with it. Perhaps at some time in the future, some kind of shortened, episodic presentation of the Diaries could be presented along with music from South America, or perhaps a clip from the film directed by Walter Salles could be shown. We shall see. There are several musical groups in West Yorkshire which could fill the bill.

In the picture - sunshine in one of Headingley's forest glades....if you want to find out about Headingley's biodiversity, or its many polytunnels, or future plans, click HERE now.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful image- 'Sunshine in Headingley'. Your talented photographer must have been in just the right place at the right time and these opportunities have to be siezed as they don't come around so often.
    Walking at Fountains Abbey a few weeks ago the snowdrops were coming to their best but I did not have my camera. Last weekend armed with it I returned- a big disappointment- the snowdrops a little faded- the scene seemed rather flat and the memories of that first visit will just have to suffice. Congratulations again on the image and I hope the festival is a huge success. I am sure those who have been involved in all the hard work deserve that it should be.

  2. Yes what a beautiful image, full of mysterious atmosphere. Do you know where it's from, who took it?